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2015 Fall Speaking Events

This fall, I was presented with an opportunity of being a presenter at two different 360iDev events.

Podcast Appearances

Over the past couple of months, I've had the pleasure of being the guest on a couple of great tech podcasts.

  • NSBrief Ep. 131: Recorded in the hallways at 360iDev, Saul Mora was kind enough to invite me to join him for an episode where we discussed some of the ideas presented in my talk in more detail, despite the fact that I used singletons in one of my examples.

  • iPhreaks Ep. 078: This opportunity came about as a result of my buddy Alondo Brewington who asked if I'd be interested in joining his fellow co-hosts of iPhreaks for an episode or two. In this first appearance, we had a lively discussion on the importance of reducing the complexity of your View Controllers and techniques for accomplishing that goal.

  • iPhreaks Ep. 085: For my second appearance on iPhreaks, we covered prototyping and its valuable role in the app development process. Check the show notes for some of my favorite prototyping tools (both analog and digital).

360iDev Recap

Another great 360iDev is drawing to a close. It was great getting know so many new people and catch up with all the friends I've made over the past 4 times I've attended the conference.

The slides for my Prototyping workshop and View Controllers presentation are can be found on my Talks page. When the session videos are posted, I'll update those pages to include links to them as well. Thanks again to everyone that came out and attendend my sessions!

Speaking at 360iDev 2014

360iDev is the largest independent conference for iOS and OS X developers and this fall it returns to downtown Denver. I’m very excited to be invited back as a speaker!

This year, I will be leading two sessions:

  • App Prototyping 101: From Paper to Product: A fun, hands-on workshop which covers a wide range of tools and techniques for prototyping your app; from paper and pen sketches to interactive, animated mockups which allow you to rapidly try out multiple ideas with real users before before ever launching Xcode.

  • Building Better ViewControllers: In this session, we will learn how to unburden our View Controllers by applying the Single Responsibility Principle and delegation through functional Intentions. We’ll find that by adopting the principles of “Lighter” View Controllers our code becomes much more robust to change, yet remains easy to maintain and test.

360iDev sells out every year, so Register today before the tickets are gone!

Telling stories about screens for screens

One of the most challenging aspects of making videos for a software company is that your subject—the software you are trying to sell, market, explain—already exists on a screen. You are making a story about a screen for a screen in other words. It already sounds unappealing.

Getting your app to stand out in the App Store can be quite a challenge. A common trait you'll find among the more popular apps is that they leverage promotional videos as a medium to convey not only that their app exists, but they also tell a compelling story explaining the problems they solve for the user.

However, simply pointing a camera at a screen and yelling "action" is a recipe for failure. Matthew Latkiewicz has assembled a pretty thorough survey of popular techniques, along with their pros and cons, used when creating videos to showcase software.