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Sounds Delicious #3: Picture Perfect

In this episode, I'm joined by Ashely Rodriguez of Not Without Salt, an absolutely gorgeous website where she expertly combines three of my favorite subjects: food, family and photography.

Ashley and I discuss the importance of creativity in the kitchen, her food photography techniques, some great sources of inspiration for developing recipes, and finding joy in cooking for your family.

Sounds Delicious #2: Smoke Signals

In this episode, I'm joined by Shawn Blanc, a full time technology blogger and barbecue enthusiast who currently resides in Kansas City; a city renowned for it's unique form of barbecue.

Shawn and I cover the fundamentals of great smoked barbecue, how to hack your own smoker, and uncover the mystery that is "burnt ends".

Outside My Comfort Zone

Public speaking is an area that I've always considered myself to be a bit lacking. I've never taken one of those personality tests, but I'm pretty confident that I'd land on the mildly introverted side of the spectrum. Left to my own devices, I can very easily spend an entire workday without interacting with anyone verbally.

In an effort to break out of this self-built shell, I've been forcing myself to step outside my comfort zone and participate in several speaking engagements over the past year. Among these included a few presentations at my local CocoaHeads chapter and multiple guest appearances with Jim Metzendorf on The Comic Shack podcast. And even though I still haven't quite conquered the pre-flight jitters I feel before each of these talks, once they're over I'm always happy I participated and contributed.

An unintended side effect of these speaking engagements is that they've lead to some additional opportunities and projects I never would have considered a year ago. I'm very happy to announce two upcoming projects I'm extremely excited about:

  • I've have accepted an invitation to be a speaker at CocoaConf in Raleigh where I'll be presenting along with some amazing featured speakers like Bill Dudney, Aaron Hillegass, and Daniel Steinberg.
  • Last week, I launched my own podcast, Sounds Delicious!, which will be a weekly interview show where we explore the topics relevant to the home cook and moving beyond the boundaries of the everyday cookbook.

Am I nervous about being listed alongside some of the most well know Apple developers in the industry? You bet.

Do I realize that despite being pretty accomplished in the kitchen, I'm a complete newbie when it comes to producing a podcast? Absolutely.

It's still not easy for me to completely ignore all my lizard brain reservations, but thanks to a conversation I had with a very smart Mann, I realized I don't have to. By setting them aside, ever so briefly, some pretty amazing things can happen.