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Just Move

Merlin Mann, Back to Work Episode 78

Sometimes we can think ourselves into doing pretty much nothing.


Because we think there are so many things to do, that we can't do one thing. There are so many things we're doing badly, that we can't do one thing well. There are so many things we've failed at in the past, there's no chance in the world we're ever going to do anything cool again.

So what do you do? You MOVE. Almost any kind of movement is better than doing nothing.

The Comic Shack #7: Snakt!

As episode 6 of The Comic Shack was wrapping up, Jim announced that the guest for the next episode would be none other than 5by5 host and Internet legend Merlin Mann. Later in the week, I jokingly mentioned to Jim via twitter that I'd be willing to forego a princely sum of money to simply sit in on the live recording.

What I wasn't expecting at all was that Jim would invite me back to be a second guest alongside Merlin. Once I regained consciousness and pulled myself off the floor, I immediately accepted his offer.

The result of our conversation can be heard in the aptly named "Snakt!" where we discussed the X-Men, Lee vs. Kirby, Merlin's public affections for Jean Grey, and our shared opinion that Kurt Wagner, aka Nightcrawler, would be a cool guy to hang out with.

The Comic Shack #6: Pulled Back In

As a recovering comic book collector and long time listener of the 5by5 Network, I was excited and honored when Jim Metzendorf invited me to join him on this week's episode of The Comic Shack. In this episode, we covered my comic book collecting "origin story", how I wandered away from comics, and the series of events that got me interested in collecting again.

Despite this being my first time participating in a podcast (please excuse all the "umms", "you-knows", and referring to Joss Whedon as "Josh"), Jim did a great job of making me feel comfortable and guiding the conversation.


Just hold the ⌘-Key a bit longer to get a list of all active short cuts of the current application. It's as simple as that.

Quite a simple, yet incredibly useful utility. Hat tip to Ben Brooks

Old Farts Know How to Code

So many developers my age have had plenty of chances to ditch coding and move into management, but we've stuck with coding because it's what we love to do. We'd earn more in management, but writing software is in our blood. We wouldn't stop doing it for anything.

When I was thirteen, I saved up enough money to buy my first computer, a Commodore VIC-20 with a tape drive connected to a 9 inch, black and white TV. Yet despite those humble beginnings, I was captivated from the moment wrote my first line of BASIC code.

Nearly three decades later, the allure of software develop continues to beckon me. Along the way, I've had to double back a few times after following paths I wish I'd never gone down (ASP.Net anyone? ugh.) However, the tides of technology and software development are ever changing and opportunities continually present themselves to those willing to take the chance on something new.

Coding isn't something I do — coding is what defines who I am. I, like Nick, wouldn't stop doing it for anything.

⌘+1 (How I Blog with Keyboard Maestro and TextMate) — The Brooks Review

I realized that I could use the same trick to post linked list items from TextMate on my Mac. I decided that even that experience could be improved upon and took it upon myself to write a Keyboard Maestro macro that will create a linked list post in TextMate — with even greater ease than the MarsEdit bookmarklet can.

Great tips for optimizing your Octopress workflow with TextMate & Keyboard Maestro

5by5 Radio App

It's quite obvious from my Recommended page that I'm a big fan of Dan Benjamin's 5by5 Network of podcasts. On any given work day, I typically have the 5by5 Live Stream running in the background while I bang away in Xcode.

The recently released 5by5 Radio App enhances the live listening experience by providing easy access to the live broadcast schedule and in-app notifications for when shows are going live. During off-air moments, the app streams prior episodes via the "Best of 5by5" feed.

Highly recommended!