The Comic Shack #7: Snakt!

As episode 6 of The Comic Shack was wrapping up, Jim announced that the guest for the next episode would be none other than 5by5 host and Internet legend Merlin Mann. Later in the week, I jokingly mentioned to Jim via twitter that I'd be willing to forego a princely sum of money to simply sit in on the live recording.

What I wasn't expecting at all was that Jim would invite me back to be a second guest alongside Merlin. Once I regained consciousness and pulled myself off the floor, I immediately accepted his offer.

The result of our conversation can be heard in the aptly named "Snakt!" where we discussed the X-Men, Lee vs. Kirby, Merlin's public affections for Jean Grey, and our shared opinion that Kurt Wagner, aka Nightcrawler, would be a cool guy to hang out with.